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India has won, says Modi

New Delhi: “India has won! The power of the ballot has won,” BJP’s prime ministerial aspirant Narendra Modi said Monday after the Lok Sabha polls ended.

“The biggest joy of the 2014 election has been the increased turnout,” he said in a series of tweets after the staggered polling ended. “Braving the scorching heat and rain, people turned out in large numbers.”

And after having attacked the Election Commission (EC) during the campaign, Modi said: “I congratulate the EC and the entire election and security staff for their efforts.”

The Gujarat chief minister said wherever he went, “it was a delight to interact with local people. Social media also helped me understand their sentiments.

“The NDA remained firmly focussed on the agenda of development and good governance and ensuring this became focal points of the entire campaign.”

Without referring to the Congress by name, Modi said: “Usually the ruling party sets the agenda of the election.

“But in this campaign, the ruling party was neither pro-active nor responsive. It remained reactive.”