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Opposition corners government in Rajya Sabha on black money

New Delhi : Opposition leaders attacked the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday over the issue of bringing back black money as a debate on the issue was taken up in the Rajya Sabha.

The main opposition Congress launched an attack on the government, and said that the real work in getting information on black money stashed abroad was done by the previous Congress-led government.

Initiating the debate on black money in the upper house, Congress leader Anand Sharma also questioned the BJP’s poll promise of bringing back black money in 100 days.

Sharma named Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal and Baba Ramdev in his speech and said the protests were orchestrated. “An atmosphere was created before the election and it was used against the government in office. Protests were orchestrated by opposition,” Sharma said.

“The country was misled and a perception was created… They said Rs. 15 lakh will come to every account,” he said, questioning where is the money.

He slammed the BJP-led government for taking the credit for formation of the SIT (Special Investigation Team).

“The SIT was ordered by Supreme Court, it is wrong for government to take credit,” he said.

“Our government was not given any credit. We signed so many agreements and treaties to get the information… Whatever information the government has today was brought by our government,” he said.

Hitting out directly at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Sharma said: “In all his pre-poll rallies, the prime minister said Rs. 85 Lakh crore was in banks abroad. Now the prime minister says he does not know about it”.

Trinamool Congress leader Derek O’Brien also slammed the prime minister calling his campaign an “advertisement”.

“A multi-billion dollar advertising campaign was run before the election, the product was BJP — Bharatiya Janata Product. They made certain promises in the campaign… but you are not delivering,” he said.

Samajwadi Party leader Ram Gopal Yadav said mere lip service will not help the BJP government.

“Just talking about it will not help, government needs to do something. Where is the money, bring it back, punish some people,” he said.