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BJP targets Trinamool in Lok Sabha over Saradha scam

New Delhi : The BJP Wednesday used the debate on black money in the Lok Sabha to target the Trinamool Congress over the Saradha scam and alleged that money was also sent to Bangladesh.

Bharatiya Janata Party member Anurag Thakur targeted the Trinamool for its “black umbrella” protest against the government in the Lok Sabha Tuesday on the issue of black money.

Thakur said an arrested Trinamool leader had said “the cream (in Saradha scam) was eaten by big leaders”.

“Black money was earned and yesterday (Tuesday) they stood holding black umbrellas. If there has been a big scam, it is Saradha scam,” he said.

Thakur said the Lok Sabha was discussing black money outside the country and there could also be talk of illegal money within the country.

“Where are your two MPs?” Thakur asked, referring to Trinamool members Srinjoy Bose and Kunal Ghosh who have been arrested in connection with the Saradha scam.

He alleged involvement of the Trinamool Congress in the scam and said the West Bengal government promoted newspapers linked to the Saradha group in schools in the state.

“They tried to mislead people by standing here holding black umbrellas. Please do not mislead people. The CBI will bring out the truth,” he said.

Thakur said money was sent to Bangladesh for helping a terror outfit.

The BJP member also hit out at the Congress on the issue of black money and alleged that the UPA government had been dragging its feet on constituting a special investigation team.

“Today also, there is an attempt that those having black money are saved,” he said.

Thakur said the Narendra Modi government constituted an SIT soon after it assumed office and was committed to bring back money of Indians illegally stashed abroad.