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Kenya to partner with US against terrorism

Nairobi: Kenya will partner with the US to fight against terrorism that has affected some sectors of the East African country’s economy.

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Interior Monica Juma said Friday Kenya was glad to have a partner like the US that is committed in the terror campaign to wipe out agents of horror and fear.

“The threat of terrorism affects all countries, and all nations of goodwill must join hands to combat the peril that has, of late, intimidated the world like it has never been experienced in the past,” Xinhua quoted Juma as saying.

Juma made the remarks in Nairobi after holding talks with Ambassador Thomas Shannon, counsellor of the US Department of State on security-related matters.

Shannon said security teams from Kenya and the US have noted the threat that both countries faced from terrorism, and pledged America’s commitment to lend support to its partner.

“Kenya has been in the forefront in the terror campaign, and my visit to Nairobi is a statement of the commitment by the American people to their Kenyan brethren,” Shannon said. “We are planning for another meeting in Washington to discuss terrorism especially in the wake of the recent developments concerning the menace.”