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UPSC topper Ira Singhal motivates NE students

TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter,

Guwahati: Ira Singhal, the first differently abled woman to top the civil services examination advised the young students to keep on fighting to cherish their dreams during her visit at the University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya on Saturday.

Ira Singhal interacted with more than thousand students and UPSC aspirants during her day-long programme. The students of Regional Institute of Science and Technology were also present during the occasion.

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She was here on a special invitation by USTM to motivate the students for excelling in the IAS examination particularly from the northeastern region.

Ira Singhal is the first differently abled candidate to top the IAS examination in the general category. Suffering from a spine-related disorder, Scoliosis, which disrupts her arm movement, Singhal refuses to let her disability bog her down.

This is 31-year old Ira Singhal’s fourth attempt at the examination. She is currently posted as an Assistant Commissioner in the Customs & Excise department of the Indian Revenue Services.

In the year 2010 too, she had cleared the examination but was refused a posting because of her disability, not one to let things take their own course, she not only moved the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) with her case but also won it and was inducted in 2014.

In a reply to question she said regular self-study, acquiring the depth, clear concept on the subject without overlooking any small content of the syllabus, interest on subject chosen, dedication and passion for achieving success is the core factors to be relied on.

She believes that one needs to put repeated attempts but without frustration even after failing, adding that one should not be greedy and over confident. She also cautions that in case you could not succeed, follow the second alternative profession you like as a future career and consider whatever knowledge you have acquired during preparation is your power and resource for future.

Ira further said that all the professions are good if the people are honest, it depends on the individual and maintain honesty with the profession. “If you want to serve the society from behind the scene better be an IAS officer and if you want to serve with visibility better try to be politician,” she said.

Ira said that if students have courage, passion and determination, no one can stop them from achieving what is meant for them, all that requires is just hard work, self confidence and perseverance.

On the rampant corruption across the country, she assured that she will try her level best to stop corruption at least in the district wherever she will be posted. Also she will encourage more and more women empowerment without discrimination.

Earlier, she also visited Shishu Sarothi, a Guwahati based NGO which works for the uplift of specially-abled students.

Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi who was present during the occasion to felicitate Singhal, said that she is an inspiration for many.

“Ira Singhal will inspire many more in the country to win the adversity of life. We wish her all the success in the days to come,” said Gogoi.

Praising the work of Shishu Sarothi, Gogoi also stated that the society has come far in terms of dealing with things like disability with more sensitivity. He applauded and encouraged the rising sensitivity in the North East regarding various disabilities. Concerned about the welfare of our disabled students, the chief minister also encouraged the younger generation to educate themselves in the matters of disability.