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Law commission refutes media report on death penalty

New Delhi: Refuting a news report that claimed it has sought to end the death penalty and supported it for terrorists only, the Law Commission of India on Friday said it was “incorrect reporting” which could have an adverse impact on the masses.

“The Law Commission of India clarifies that this is a case of incorrect reporting and does not reflect the final recommendations of the commission,” a statement said.

The draft report that has been reported upon is not the final version that is proposed to be submitted to the union minister of law and justice, it added.

“The commission further clarifies that a subject like death penalty is extremely sensitive in nature, and reporting on such a subject without clearly understanding the views of the commission may have an adverse impact on the public.”

Attributing the final views of the commission to a draft report, that was intended for private circulation amongst members and meant for discussion, has opened up the issue for unnecessary speculation.

“The commission regards the news report as an interference in its functioning,” the statement said.