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Book on Prof. Rehana Sultana released on Human Rights Day

By TCN News,

Hyderabad: International Human Rights Day was observed throughout the world on December 10th. Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee observed the day in Hyderabad by organzing a seminar on Standards of Human and Civil Rights.


Prominent human rights defender K.G. Kannabiran pointed out, “The movement for human rights is a struggle against misrule and unconstitutional governance. Like all human rights activists, I am not unmindful of the group violence perpetuated by various ‘extremists’ or ‘terrorists’, leading to mindless killing and destruction. But the answer to this can’t be the abandonment of governance and civilized conduct on the part of the state. Impunity is never the answer. This sanction of impunity throws into question of the legitimacy of governance and order and points to decay in the system. It is a matter that calls for a national debate. Unless human rights become part of political activity, unless human rights discourse forms part of the substrata of our political arrangements, we will have no road to civilized governance.”


Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee condemned TRS government’s illegitimate actions using force to curtail the identity assertion of minorities, dalits and other backward sections of this society.

On this occasion of International Human Rights day which also happens to be late Prof. Rehana Sultana, former president of CLMC, death anniversary the organization released a book on her life and struggles to commemorate her fight to defend Human and Civil Rights of the most oppressed sections of Indian society.

On this occasion CLMC issued a statement which expressed its concern on the continuous degradation of human and Civil rights at International level, here in India and especially in the state of Telanagana.

“This event is not just a day for human rights defenders to renew our commitment for the protection of rights but it should also be a time for some soul searching for the world governments. Degrading standards of Human and Civil rights not just harm individual citizens but it also threatens world peace as we in the course is witnessing.”


“The impunity through which Government establishments in International arena are competing with each other to curtail and violate Human and Civil Rights are apparent than ever before. The refugee crisis in many countries especially in Europe due to civil wars sums up the failure of UNO policies. Large number of refugees are escaping the Syrian and Iraq civil war which is a direct result of UNO’s criminal silence on the exploits of its member states especially USA and its European allies in promoting mindless violence.“

“Instead of just marking catchy slogans United Nations should take some concrete steps to resolve human rights and civil rights violation issues.”

“Indian has a far better Constitution than rest of its contemporaries when it comes to giving protection of rights of its citizens. But when the Government which sworn to the office on the same Constitution, does every act to subvert its very soul, it’s not just become a matter of concern but a frightening scenario. The infamous Dadri lynching and killing of rationalists ignited the debate on increasing intolerance in the country. The fact is Dadri is not the first and unfortunately was not the last incident one in our recent times where minorities, dalits and independent thinkers were systematically targeted. In reality the whole intolerance debate is wide of the mark, this slaughter of Human beings and the increasing anxiety of minorities and Dalits in this country is way beyond society’s state of mind, and it points out to a rotten establishment of governance which is surviving on perpetrating and encouraging crimes by subverting the constitution.”

“In the state of Telanagana the killing of five under trail prisoners chained to their seats in a police escort van is a new low in violation of rights taking place in this country. Telangana government by violating all the rules and laws in place to support the guilty police officers in Aler encounter killings is setting dangerous and unconstitutional precedents.”

“The oppression of individual rights is becoming so harsh that right to choose food of his or her choice is also getting targeted. The troubled arrest of students organizing beef festival in Osmania University campus but giving a free hand to violent Gau Raksha vigilantes and organizers of communal polarizing festivals and rallies goes down to shown the priorities of the Telangana state government.”