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Urdu teacher writes book to highlight Muslim Scientists’ contribution to science

‘Muslim Scienedano ki Scienci Khidmat’

By A Mirsab, TwoCircles.net,

Solapur (Maharashtra): In an attempt to highlight the great work that Muslims have done in the field of science, an Assistant Teacher of Urdu High School has written a book called ‘Muslim Scienedano ki Scienci Khidmat’.

The 92-page book of Junaid A. Qayyum Shaikh, 37, an Assistant Teacher at Social Urdu High School and Junior College of Science, Solapur, was launched by Prof. Dr. N N Maldar, Vice Chancelor of Solapur University.

Shaikh, who has completed Masters in Science (MSc) and Bachelor of Education (B Ed) wrote this book in Urdu. In order to reach out to more readers, he plans to translate it into other languages. He says he has received several requests for translation of the book into other languages and many are ready to even offer help.

The author used many sources in compiling the present book. Shaikh claims “Book of Knowledge by Al Jazari” an Arabic book in original that was translated by Hill and Donald in English is one of the main source for his work.

He also referred : ‘Invention in the medieval Islamic World’ by Rotlink, ‘Introduction to Historyof Science’ by Sarton and George, ’The Muslim Scientist’ by Muhammad Yasin Owadally, Article on Muslim Scientist by Altaf Hussain Memon Tahari, Muslim Sciencedan by M A Siddiqui & Fayeza Siddique, Musalmano ke Scienci Karname by Muhammad Zakriya Virk and Biography- W Hazmy,Zainurashid Z, Hussain R.

The book presents brief information of Muslim scientists’ contribution in the fields of Mechanical Technology, Transport technology, Gun powder technology, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Optics, etc.

Speaking with TwoCircles.net, Shaikh said, “Today most of us presume that the progress of science and technology is the contribution of Europe and American scientists only. In fact it is our lack of knowledge. The truth is that hundreds of Muslim Scientists have many inventions to their names in the field of science for centuries.”

“I felt that the newer generation is going far from the scientific history of Muslims and therefore thought that they must be reminded of contributions of Muslim Scientists so as to make it guideline and torchbearer for others who are interested in science and technology”, he said while replying to the question of trigger for him to write such book.

“This book is especially written for young Muslims, whose way of thinking is scientific and who are intersected in the research and findings related to science so that they can be motivated”, he added.