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Sonia terms Modi government anti-farmer, arrogant

New Delhi : Terming the government as “anti-farmer” and “arrogant”, Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday accused it of bringing “achche din (good days) only for crony capitalists” and promised to take the party’s fight to the people.

Addressing a Congress Parliamentary Party meeting here, Sonia Gandhi launched a blistering attack on the Modi government and said it had very little to showcase after one year in office.

She said Modi and his government remain in poll campaign mode as if the elections were not over.

Accusing Modi of playing domestic politics on foreign soil, Gandhi alleged that the prime minister attacked the previous Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government during his visit to France.

“In Canada, he sank to a new low by referring to the UPA in despicable terms. This outrageous remark on foreign soil belittles the dignity of the office he holds and is an embarrassment to the nation,” she said.

Asking the government about the reality of its promised “achche din”, Gandhi said the ruling dispensation deserved credit for the “most anti-farmer legislative amendments to our land acquisition bill”.

“They deserve credit for creating the most centralised government in India’s recent history. Ministers hardly matter. Even bureaucrats feel paralysed because all key decisions are pending in the PMO for decision,” she said.

Gandhi said that Modi talks of consensus but ignoring convention, the government acts with “obstinate arrogance”.

Stating that the government deserves credit for redefining democracy, she said: “It is no longer ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’, but a government of some people, by one person, for a select few.”

Gandhi said her party has succeeded in arousing the nation’s conscience about the Modi government’s “indifference to the neglect and distress” of farmers and must take the fight further and expose the government on its other sins of “commission and omission”.

“I count on all of you to take this fight to the people. And, through their support and strength prevent the government from pursuing its anti-people programmes and policies,” she said.