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Twitterati troll Modi’s Britain visit

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s three-day visit to Britain has unleashed a battle of sorts on Twitter with hashtags like #KeepModiGiveKohinoor, #ModiCantHideGenocide trending nationwide on Friday.

#CongressSponsorsGenocide also trended for a few hours.

Slaman Nizman sarcastically tweeted #KeepModiGiveKohinoor, referring to the one of the oldest and most famous diamonds in the world which is now in the United Kingdom. The Kohinoor diamond was taken to Britain in the nineteenth century by the East India Company.

The #KeepModiGiveKohinoor hashtag was trending nationwide till 7:30 p.m. and attracted more than 20,000 tweets from people.

A Twitter user Surbhi Sondhi (@RisingSurbhi) tweeted: “#KeepModiGiveKohinoor U can take Adityanath, amit shah n sakshi Maharaj as well.”

Twitter user Darby Shaw (@N0v0ca1n) tweeted: “With #KeepModiGiveKohinoor its time to acknowledge how democratic Twitter has become as compared to Indian mainstream media.”

A few others also condemned the visit and attacked the Congress. Hashtag #CongressSponsorsGenocide started trending in the afternoon.

One of the Twitter users @vaidehisachin tweeted: “#KeepModiGiveKohinoor don’t tweet in this trend, we Indians criticizing our PM is fine but this is humiliation to nation & its representative.”

Twitter user Intolerant Abhinaya said: “Congress playing blame game but they never wash their hands from Genocide.”