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Seminar on “Building Strategic Charity giving for Development” in Mumbai

By TCN News,

Mumbai: Maeeshat Media, a portal focusing on minority business and economy has parttnered with Islamic Relief India to reach the high networth invidiauls and philantropists of Muslims for the cause of stragetic giving for the devleopment of the community.

“Muslims though the largest minority group in the country but overall socio-economic status is something which does not require much academic deliberations. Sixty eight years after the independence, the community is still trying to create its space in many spheres of life,” says Danish Reyaz, Managing Director of Maeeshat Media.

Seminar on “Building Strategic Charity giving for Development” in Mumbai

“Despite many challenges the community has shown lot more promise in recent years to gather all its resources and help those in need. However the community needs to learn from its past experience and inculcate a bit of professional attitudes” Danish Reyaz added.

A seminar on “Building Strategic Charity Giving for Developing” has been organized at Press Club Mumbai on October 30, 2015.

Danish Says “Islamic laws and teachings have always inspired ummah to be responsible towards mankind. Caring people in need is considered equivalent to worship Allah. Islamic charity system is considered among the best in the world if it’s implemented in a systematic, organized and accountable way.”

“Globally many organizations have done great amount of work to streamline charity system to make it more result oriented. Islamic Relief the largest Islamic charity is one of the global torch bearers in that direction. Every year Islamic Relief reaches millions of people through its program,” said Md Akmal Shareef Country Director of Islamic Relief India.

Meanwhile Akmal described that “In India, Islamic Relief has started the initiative of building partnership with philanthropic individuals for overall development of Umma and the nation.”