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Now, Smart City app for Kolkata suburb

Kolkata: Say goodbye to confusing roadmaps and guidebooks! A new app will ensure residents and visitors to West Bengal’s New Town suburb — nominated under the central government’s Smart City project — gain easy access to locations and keep track of events and services that are on offer.

To be launched in phases beginning September, the HIDCO (Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation) Smart City mobile app, will incorporate features that allow users to locate famous places in New Town (located in the north eastern fringes of Kolkata) as well as public services such as the nearest police station.

“The idea is to have mobile app to spread awareness among the residents of New Town and outsiders about the famous places of New Town, location of those places, how to reach there, information about the events happening at places like Eco Park, Rabindrathirtha, Najrultirtha etc.,” said Abhishek Rungta, Founder and CEO, Indus Net Technologies, the app developers.

So, even before New Town becomes a ‘Smart City’, the app will help residents and tourists get smart and navigate smoothly through the planned suburban city.

In the next three months, various other features will be rolled out including tapping into audio tours for places of interest. The app will be available on Android, iOS and Windows.

“Using this application user can locate any address, view bus schedule, order books from digital library. They will also be able to book cafe table or cottages for the Ekante Cottages in Eco Park. User can also listen to audio tours for the places of interest,” Rungta said.