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“ISIS is not Islam”: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind

By Shafeeq Hudawi, TwoCircles.net

Kozhikode: Saying the actions, being carried out by the terror outfit, went against the humanity and the basic tenets of Islam, the Jamaate- e Islami Hind, Kerala, has come down heavily against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“By killing thousands and creating floods of refugees, the ISIS is challenging the humanity,” said Jamaate- e- Islami, Kerala, Ameer M I Abdul Azeez while attending a press conference, held here at Hira Centre, the headquarters of the organisation, on September 16.

JIH Kerala Ameer addressing the media

“The terror outfit is holding massacres, in which the human beings belonging to the other sects, are brutally killed. By not upholding the Islamic doctrine, ISIS is taking up efforts to take back the Arab region to the pre Islamic era, where the tribe and sect-oriented culture was predominant” the Kerala Ameer said.

“The political stands of ISIS defy the Islamic political prospect, based on democracy, humanity and diversity,” he said.

The Ameer, who was all praise to the Europe over its promptness to open their doors to refugees, who are streaming to various countries, spent substantial time in targeting the European countries and US over its alleged role in creating refugees and supplying weapons.

“The Middle East is the biggest weapon market. The weapon sellers desire to keep the area caught in instability. Owing to this scenario, the region has been turning into a hell like situation,” the Ameer said.

Venting his dissent over the inactiveness, followed by the Arab countries amid huge flow of refugees, the Ameer said the Arab world should reverse the present course.

The Jamaate-e-Islami will observe the Arafat Day, September 23, as refugee solidarity day. The observance will uphold the slogan “ISIS is not Islam”. Mass conferences will be held in Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram as part of the observance. Prominent persons from various walks of life will attend the programme.

Assistant Ameers Sheikh Mohammed Karakkunnu and P Mujeeb Rahman, general secretary M K Mohammedali and secretary Khalid Moosa Nadwi were also present.