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Brawl erupts at Halal festival in Melbourne

Melbourne : A violent brawl erupted outside the community event at the Melbourne Showgrounds on Sunday when a small group of anti-Islam protestors clashed with anti-racism activists.

The fight came as hundreds of people filled Federation Square as a counter protest to the anti-Islamic movement, which was put back in the spotlight when a “stop the mosques” banner was unveiled at the Collingwood AFL game on Friday night, the Australian Age reported.

Multicultural Affairs Minister Robin Scott said everyone had the right to protest, but it had to be peaceful and respectful.

“Violent conduct is completely unacceptable and has no place in our community,” he said.

The brawl began in Ascot Vale when about 30 far-left protestors wearing black clothing and balaclavas, believed to be part of the anti-fascist Antifa group, swarmed the far-right protestors, including members of the United Patriots Front, Reclaim Australia and other anti-Halal activists, who had been picketing the Halal expo.