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Now, know 155 Muslim freedom fighters through a mobile App

By A Mirsab, TwoCircles.net,

Hyderabad: In a typical attempt to educate people about contribution and role of Muslims in India’s Independence movements, a Hyderabad based software engineer has developed a motivating Mobile App ‘Muslim Freedom Fighters’. It is launched on the eve of 70th Independence Day of the country.

Syed Khalid Saifullah, a young software engineer designed a unique app that has stories, pictures and quiz on 155 Muslim freedom fighters. The app has 155 levels, one level for each freedom fighter. It is designed like a game to make learning a fun.


“Ideally, one should not divide freedom fighters on the basis of their religion, they all were INDIANS. But some radical groups tried to diminish the contribution of Muslims in India’s struggle for independence and they were successful”, Saifullah writes at the App’s developer details mentioning the reason of designing such a distinguish app underlining Muslims’ participation in India’s independence.

The ‘Muslim Freedom Fighters’ App can be installed from Google Play Store. A total of 155 freedom fighters were enlisted and have been classified into various categories like Women, Rulers, Martyrs, Moulvis, Advocates, Journalists, Businessmen, Azad Hind Fouj, Doctors, Educationists, Poets, Bureaucrats, Judges and other professions.

When one category is clicked, names of freedom fighters are displayed and when any name there is clicked then picture of selected freedom fighter and one page information of him/her is displayed.

Saifullah used various books written by eminent author Syed Naseer Ahmed and his friend Amanullah Khan helped him in preparing five questions per level.

A user can take a test after reading the profile of each freedom fighter. After answering three out of five questions correctly in one level, the user can advance to the next level. However, the users can read all the profiles of freedom fighters without taking the test.

A user can also form a group to compete with others. Once a user or group passes all the levels, a certificate of appreciation ‘A tribute to Muslim freedom fighters’ will be sent to the user, says developer’s details of the App.