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A country without words

By Parayi for Twocircles.net

Friends who had tongues
Are dragged down the road
To adorn the emperor’s brave new prison
Guard dogs bark with blood red eyes
Across roads, streets, news rooms, Facebook timelines

Where should I take my sorrow…
To teach it the virtues silence

A country without words
Except for the shrieks of hyenas
Our post offices choke with un-written letters
Your murder, her rape, our silence
And the incessant howling of hyenas

Those of us who can speak
Are rounded up every night
And, they always disappear before dawn

At daybreak, we salute the emperor
Walk to the tune of hyenas
And tremble in fear before the guard dogs.
Our headless bodies will never utter any words.

(This poem has been taken, with permission, from the following Blog: http://weareyourpoets.blogspot.in/2016/02/a-country-without-words.html)