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Nature and our greed

World Enviorenment Day in Kashmir

By Fatima Zehra for TwoCircles.net

Nature is the biggest gift that has been given to us by God. In today’s fast-paced life we often tend to look for peace in things of worldly desires and neglect this precious possession recklessly.
Nature also connects us to the larger universe around us and fills a sense of peace in our minds. Thus helping us restore our spirit that is often lost in this hurried age. As Mahatma Gandhi observed,”When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator.”

We live in an age of seemingly limitless tensions of a high-tech, fast changing world. We are often so busy with ourselves that we forget about the things of otherwise great importance. We tend to become more selfish and self-centered. In the name of development we exploit the natural resources and in turn, mother nature.I believe that we are so busy that we overlook one of those things due to which our future is at threat. We are too embarassed to accept our mistake and also that we remain ignorant.We do not realise that we are the ones who are eventually at loss.

Apart from becoming selfish over the times, we have also deprived ourselves of the ability to think wisely.We blame the government most of the time for the pathetic condition of the public parks and other areas concerned with greenery. The political authority[to some extent] is to be blamed for showcasing deep official apathy but at the same time, cooperation of the citizens is also needed in order to detoxify the environment.

We, the citizens of the city are protesting against the lakes being polluted and socially unhealthy but do we ever bother to look behind this problem,as to why the lakes and other water bodies are turning purple? Also,is there a need to express fake concern over the condition of the environment when we ourselves are the defaulters?

I have always found it ironic that we exploit the resources to the fullest and once it backfires, we start to complain.We as human beings have been following this custom since times immemorial, so much that i think we’re genetically programmed to do so.
We need to understand that such an approach towards nature might seem to be profitable in the short run but eventually in the long run, it is us who’ll be at loss ; socially, economically as well as spiritually.
It’s more or less the same as consuming poison knowingly over a period of time and then crying over it on one’s deathbed.

There is a need to understand that deforming and distorting the beauty of Mother nature will merely result in the defeat of human race and it’s sad demise.

Fatima zehra is a student of Delhi Public School, Bangalore South.