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How to not lose your mind when you lose your passport

Ever wondered how losing your passport while abroad can turn the dream vacation into a nightmare?

Here are some tips from travel freaks Shivani Singh and Anandita Kakkar on how to deal with a passport that goes missing.

Seek help from the local police: Make your way to the nearest police station and report the incident as quickly as possible. This is the first thing your travel insurance provider will ask for – and remember to keep hold of the original copy.

Always keep colour copies of all important documents: Scan them, store them on your phone or email them to yourself. Showing local authorities copies of your documents can make explaining your situation a lot easier.

Carry the Indian embassy or high commission’s contact details: After you’ve reported your loss local authorities the next logical step is to call the Indian High Commission. Choose very wisely between the Emergency Exit option and hanging on for a few days for a new passport.