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US-based organization distributes ‘Ramadan ration’ among widows, Rohingya refugees in Jammu

By TCN News

Jammu: US-based organisation Indian Muslim Relief & Charities (IMRC) conducted a two-day ‘Ramadan Ration Program’ among 300 poor and widow Rohingya refugees families living in Jammu slums to ensure that they observe fast in the holy month of Ramdan without worrying about work.


The distribution started on Monday June 6 in Channi Rama where 83 poor Rohingya refugee families were provided with Ramadan ration. On Tuesday, June 7, the ration was distributed among 217 Rohingya widows at Karana Talab, Narwal, Jammu.

The food in grains package included items such as rice, oil, salt, chilli, potato, onion, chick pea, puffed rice, turmeric, which can sustain them in the whole month of holy Ramadan.


“The temperature is soaring day by day in Jammu and you can imagine working as a labourer on construction sites and in Ramadan by staying empty stomach and doing work makes it more harsh. After getting the ration, we need not to worry about food now in Ramadan,” said Abdul Rahim, a Rohingya refugee, who lives in channi Rama slums with his family of six.

Bilkis Jaan, a widow, works at nut cracking factory from May to August and then she begs as she has no one left in her family, who can take care of her.

“This Ration is like a blessing for me. I don’t need worry about food anymore in Ramadan and neither I need to beg in this month. People here are really good who help us,” she said.


IMRC Media Coordinator, R. Hameed who is looking after Ramadan Ration distribution among Rohingya Refugees in Jammu said, “IMRC initially identified the most deserving families by conducting a survey in which 217 widows and 83 poor families from Rohingya refugees community were identified who are living a very harsh life, economically in Jammu.”

IMRC also distributed Ramadan ration among 650 poor families in Kashmir, last week.


Last year, IMRC, with the help of its 235 volunteers ensured that 74 distribution centers were established across 19 Indian states, where thousands of families benefitted from the distribution of grains.

IMRC has started online crowd funding, for this purpose. A donation of $1 will get a person one-time meal and a donation of $25 will assist a family of four for all of Ramadan with grain package, whereas a donation of $200 sponsors an iftar for a village consisting of 200 people.


IMRC’s programme extends beyond providing cooked meals and grains during Ramadan. It also provides the opportunity for children and adults to have a pair of new Eid clothes for a donation as low as $25 for an outfit.


Also, people can donate to treat the sick during Ramadan. A donation of $5 will help treat a sick person at a community clinic, $20 sponsors one dialysis session, whereas $50 sponsors a cataract surgery with lens implant.

To donate visit: www.imrcusa.org