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US based Aligarh Education Endowment Fund provides scholarship to 75 students in UP

By TCN News,

Foster City, California: As many as 75 students from different schools in Faizabad and Ambedkar Nagar districts of Uttar Pradesh received scholarship from The Aligarh Education Endowment Fund (AEEF).

AEEF is a USA based charitable organization founded by AMU alumni and well-wishers in 2005 as a non-profit, secular, non-partisan, and non-political organization to serve the educational needs of the underprivileged communities in India.

AEEF Scholarship recipients at Hira Public School Hanswar Ambedkar Nagar (UP).JPG

It started scholarship program in 2010 to help young students reach their full potential through education. This scholarship program is generously supported by alumni of Aligarh Muslim University, their friends and private foundations.

The recipients for the scholarships were chosen after a selection process that drew applicants from various schools in Faizabad and Ambedkar Nagar districts of UP. The scholarships ranging from Rs 7,000 to Rs 12,000 per annum is given to the students depending on their financial needs and performance in schools.

The selection criteria included academic achievement, financial need, and an interview by AEEF facilitator. Approximately Rs. 9 lakh were disbursed for the academic year 2015-2016.

AEEF Scholarship Cheques distributing Ceremony at Faiz-e-Aam Muslim Inter College Faizabad (UP).JPG

“Support for exceptional students, particularly those bright boys and girls who cannot otherwise afford a decent education, can have a profound positive effect on society,” said Umar Farooq, president of AEEF. “These students are living under restraining conditions, have overcome tremendous obstacles, and we are proud to help them continue their education and prepare them to make valuable contributions to the society they live in,” he added.

Saba Kaleem, AEEF coordinator for Faizabad region thanked all the benefactors for their commitment to support the education of bright and needy students. She also thanked school management and Mannapat Foundation for their help with scholarship distribution process.