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‘Achhe din’ will come only after 2019, says Gandhi

Silchar: Slamming the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government at the Centre, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Friday said “achhe din” will come only after 2019 and that the Congress is already working for it.

“Now, ‘achhe din’ will come only in 2019. You don’t worry about it. We are already working on it,” said Gandhi in a pointed barb at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s much touted slogan during the 2014 gener al elections. Gandhi was addressing a public rally at Silchar in Assam’s Barak Valley.

Gandhi also referred to the recent debate in parliament between him and Modi and said that he will keep asking the prime minister questions irrespective of the personal attack made on him by Modi.

The AICC leader also accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) of trying to impose one ideology on the people and said that they want to spread hatred and make every Indian fight against one another in the country.

“Congress feels that there should be place for everyone in the country and that everyone can have their own opinion. On the other hand, the BJP and RSS want to impose one ideology on everyone. They want to run the government from the Prime Minister’s Office or from Nagpur. We feel that the people here should run the government,” he said.

“I remember 15 years back, there was unrest in Assam – blood spilt, and there were tears. The Congress came to power and it brought peace and security. In Haryana, there was peace under the Congress government’s rule and the state was prospering also. However, within one and half years of BJP’s coming to power, set it on fire…people are fighting against one another. This is what the BJP does. They do it in everywhere, be it in Assam, Maharastra, Haryana,” he said.

Gandhi admitted that connectivity is a problem in Assam’s Barak Valley and said that the Congress will send its manifesto committee, who will decide on strategies to develop communication network in the region.