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Attacks on economic targets by Maoists rise in 2015

New Delhi: Attacks by Maoists on economic targets rose to 127 in 2015, up from 100 the previous year, parliament was told on Tuesday.

Minister of State for Home Haribhai Parathibhai Chaudhary told the Lok Sabha that attacks on economic infrastructure included mobile towers, mines, railway property, government buildings, roads and bridges.

The number of such attacks totalled 169 in 2013. These fell to 100 in 2014 but went up to 127 in 2015. There have been 24 such attacks so far this year, a statement laid in the house said.

The minister said Leftwing extremists, as the Maoists are officially known, reportedly forced money out of industrialists, businessmen and contractors.

He said cases related to extortion and damage to economic infrastructure were registered and investigated by state governments.

The minister said the number of abductions by Maoists totalled 136 in 2013, with 49 deaths. This stood at 138 and 48 respectively in 2014 and 115 and 62 last year.

There have been 17 such incidents this year, with five deaths, he said.