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BJP’s ‘dirty tricks department’ targeting opposition: Congress

New Delhi : Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma on Friday alleged that the “dirty tricks department” of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was “selectively leaking confidential documents to certain news channels” to target the opposition.

“There is a serious question on how highly classified MoD, CBI and ED documents have been selectively leaked to certain news channels and agencies. This selective leaking creates an incomplete picture before the public,” Sharma said in context of the AgustaWestland chopper scam.

He said his party was “able to give the complete story, on the record” in parliament.

“There is a dirty tricks department in the BJP government, which is putting senior leaders and bureaucrats under surveillance, manufacturing documents, and using state agencies and sections of media to target opponents,” he said.

The Congress spokesman also accused the government of “abusing” its powers to de-stabilise Congress-led Uttarakhand government.

“The second half of the budget session became a fresh session because of the government’s wrong decision to justify unconstitutional de-stabilisation of the Uttarakhand government, by encouraging defection and promoting an environment where money power and the central government’s power were abused,” Sharma said.

He said that Congress was acting as a responsible opposition and the passage of 22 legislations during the session was a testimony to it.

“It is a record in itself. Since 2014, 80 bills have been passed. This is testimony of a mature opposition. This is also a rejection of the canard spread by Prime Minister Modi and the BJP that opposition was hindering passage of bills,” Sharma said.