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Modi regime’s 2 years marked by communalism, authoritarianism: CPI-M

New Delhi : Two years of Narendra Modi government were marked by the triumvirate of aggressive communalism, neo-liberal economic reforms and authoritarian measures, the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) said on Monday.

“These two years have confirmed that a new ‘trimoorti’ is being sculpted,” the CPI-M politburo said in a statement.

“Its three faces represent the following: One, the relentless pursuit of aggressive communal polarisation in the effort to transform the secular democratic character of the Indian Republic into the RSS version of a rabidly intolerant fascistic Hindu Rashtra,” it said.

The other two facets, the statement said, are pursuance of the neo-liberal trajectory of economic reforms, “more aggressively than pursued by the UPA government”, imposing burdens on the people, and increasing recourse to “authoritarian measures” undermining the institutions of parliamentary democracy.

The statement said “the BJP government had conducted a gaudy celebration of the completion of two years in office making many bombastic claims”.

“There is an economic disaster rather than any cause for celebrations” for the majority of people, the politburo said.

The statement said there have been failures in terms of creating new jobs in eight labour-intensive industries.

This period under Prime Minister Narendra Modi also marked “worst decline in exports in 63 years — decline for 17 months in a row”.

Moreover, there has been inflation at a rate of 6.8 percent and prices of ‘daal’ (lentils and pulses) have risen by more than 30 percent, the statement said.