Home Art/Culture Ten days after kidnapping of Muslim teenage girl, Darbhanga police remains clueless

Ten days after kidnapping of Muslim teenage girl, Darbhanga police remains clueless

By Afroz Alam Sahil, TwoCircles.net

For the past ten days, a teenage Muslim girl who was kidnapped in Darbhanga district of Bihar has been missing, but the local police remains clueless.

Speaking with Twocircles.net, grandfather of Rizwana,14, Mohammed Zubair said, “On November 11, my daughter was kidnapped from our village, Baadh Samaula. We registered an FIR in the Kewti Thana on November 13, but nothing has happened since. The SDO came yesterday and interrogated us, but they are yet to question the boys who are the culprits. It seems they have paid a bribe to the police. We are poor, where do we afford the money to the police?”

The family of Mohammed Zubair is extremely poor and have to make do with working as casual labourers in farms. According to Zubair, his granddaughter would pick leaves every day from the nearby mango orchards, which would be used as fuel for cooking. On November 11 around 4 pm, she left to pick leaves.

When she did not return, the family got worried and started looking for the child. During the search, they were informed by a 12-year-old boy that he had seen two boys from a nearby village abduct the girl. The boy was very scared too. The parents of the girl have since been in shock and refuse to speak to anyone.

Zubair alleged that his granddaughter was abducted by two Paswan boys from the nearby Manpur village. The same boys have a criminal record that includes kidnapping, and the boy is also an eye-witness.

When Twocircles.net contacted the local SHO Sitaram Prasad, he denied any wrongdoing and said that they had filed an FIR. “We have not yet zeroed in on suspects, but we will continue our investigation,” he said.

Both the Darbhanga SP and DSP were contacted by Twocircles.net, but did not respond to calls or messages.