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Muslim board’s stand on civil code insult to judiciary: VHP

New Delhi : The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Thursday said All India Muslim Personal Law Board’s (AIMPLB) stand on the Uniform Civil Code was an insult to the judiciary.

“The Muslim organisations are free to express their views. But they should be careful they don’t insult the judiciary or harm national interest or those of their own community,” VHP’s Joint General Secretary Surendra Jain told IANS.

He said that by saying that the Narendra Modi government was imposing Hindu laws on all, the AIMPLB had insulted the judiciary and the judicial process.

“The matter is in court. The government is nowhere in the picture,” he said.

“By saying that imposing a Uniform Civil Code would lead to social disintegration or social unrest, they (Muslim bodies) are blackmailing the country just like (Mohammed Ali) Jinnah did,” he added.

Asked if Hindus were not against the uniform code, Jain said there were some reservations about certain traditions, but the Hindus have abandoned evil traditions like ‘sati’ and ‘ghunghat’ in the larger interest of society.

“It is time the Muslim women are given a chance to rid of the exploitation and have equal rights, which the Uniform Civil Code strives to achieve,” the VHP leader said.