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CPI-M has realised that striking and governance are different: Chandy

Thiruvananthapuram : The Pinarayi Vijayan-led LDF government, which has completed 100 days, has realised now that to strike is easy while governance is tough, former Chief Minister Oommen Chandy said on Friday.

Addressing reporters at the Congress party headquarters here, Chandy said that rhetoric is easy.

“What all did they (LDF) say during the five years when we were in power and how many strikes and protests they took out, and now they have realised that striking and governance are different. The only reason for cheer for the Vijayan government is that they have been able to appoint V.S. Achuthanandan as chairman of the Administrative Reforms Committee,” said Chandy.

Recalling his first 100 days of office, Chandy said as soon as he was sworn-in his government prepared a roadmap for the 100 days.

“At the end of the 100 days, of the 107 programmes planned, 102 were achieved; but here there was no programme even,” said Chandy.

Chandy said the chief minister’s office when he was in office was always crowded with hundreds of people waiting, and now none are seen before Vijayan’s office. “They have a system where there is a specific route that has to be taken to meet the Chief Minister,” he said.

Chandy said the Congress-led UDF will function as a constructive opposition and not resort to the “destructive ways” which the LDF did when they were in the opposition.

“Right from the next day I assumed office, they were asking me to resign and their method of strikes was to cause destruction. We will never ever resort to such things,” added Chandy.

In reply to a question on why the people of the state rejected him and his government at the polls, despite the numerous programmes and projects his government undertook, he said: “That’s why I decided to take complete responsibility and decided not to take any post.”

He pointed out that in the newly-constituted 21-member political affairs committee of the Congress party, the only name that was a wrong one in the committee was his.

“I had made my position very clear, that I will not accept any post and I informed Rahul Gandhi not to consider me in the 21 member committee, but left the decision to him and I will abide by that,” said Chandy.

One of the most accessible political leaders in the state, Chandy is now just a legislator and most of the time he is doing what he likes best — interacting with people by travelling as an ordinary person in buses and trains.