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Triple Talaq controversy shows how confused Muslims are over the issue

By Dr Kouser Fathima for Twocircles.net

Triple Talaq is in news again and the way Muslim community has reacted to it speaks volumes about how confused we are as a community. The various answers given by the All India Personal Muslim Law Board (AIMPLB) has only added to the confusion. Although many Muslim men condemn Triple Talaq, they are reluctant to let the practice go. They are not sure why they are supporting a practice which is unfollowed in most of Muslim-majority countries.

Scholars and intellectuals have been repeatedly telling that Triple Talaq is un-Islamic, but still many don’t want it to go in India. Why? What are the reasons for their attitude? Many don’t even have a proper answer to the question.

The most common answer is that it is not followed commonly, or that it is rarely used. However, the fact is many Muslim women are victims of this practice and few are vocal about it. Yes, we don’t have a proper data about it, simply because no one bothers to record such data.

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The other excuse given is that the whole issue is politically motivated, media is highlighting it with an agenda. Why are we surprised if it is politically motivated? These issues of Muslim women’s rights were long due and neglected for a long time. Many attempts by feminist organisations and Muslim feminist were brushed aside, issues were ignored or failed to arrive at a consensus. While we failed to set our house in order, others are now taking advantage and trying to reform us.

Suddenly, everyone seems to have woken up to the political motivation and are requesting Muslim women not to wash the laundry in public, but were conveniently silent on the state of Muslim women all these years.

And to people complaining about political motivation, I ask: what made you think that these issues would never be used for politics ? You had enough time to address these issues but refused to even discuss it and now the consequences are clearly visible.

Most are confused to the extent that they are not sure about what they are trying to convey. They claim to not support Triple Talaq, but will go on trying to explain about it. Many even don’t accept that it is relevant in our community and some even claim that hardly any women are affected by the practice. Blaming media is only an easy escape while neglecting relevant issues and if this continues, the results would be disastrous for sure.

The author is a Bengaluru-based writer