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Students Islamic Organisation extends support to BAPSA for JNU elections

By TCN News

The JNU unit of Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) has extended its support to Birsa Phule Ambedkar Students Association (BAPSA) in the JNU elections which will take place on Friday, September 9.

“It is high time these left vanguards parties stop their protection and sympathy towards Muslims and Dalits and other marginalised sections by denying their political agency. It is high time to think and ask, how far we can live in this fear discourse. In this crucial juncture, we request your whole hearted support towards the voices of social justice in our campus. Kindly cast your vote for BAPSA and stand with the struggle for social justice and self-respect,” the JNU unit said in a note published on its Facebook page.


SIO said, “The JNUSU elections of this year is important not only because it is under a tyrannical regime in the centre we are in, but it is also a time when large forms of resistance movements are getting strengthened across the country. The key speciality of these movements is that it is not from the mainstream parties that these movements arise but from the various groups which demand for social justice and dignity.”

“An analysis of the current political scenario in JNU will give us both an insight into the drawbacks of the current left politics…the left is also not ready to attend the questions of social justice and they keep on branding any assertions from the marginalised sections as communal or sectarian. In other words, if the marginalised sections organize themselves for the cause of social justice, the Leftists will also start to call them as ‘communal’ and ‘extremists’. One can see behind this reluctance of left, their unwillingness to share their ‘sacred spaces’ with the students from the marginalised community. The mere use of political tokenism cannot justify the prolonged silence of left parties on Muslim representation,” the group added.

“Whenever the questions arise on the contribution of left to the Muslim question in the campus, the only answer will be regarding the accreditation of madrassa certificates in some languages. Though it is a fact that it has been accepted in other universities as well, the present question is regarding the Muslim deprivation points,” the group said. The issue of deprivation points is one of the main issues raised by BAPSA for the upcoming elections.

The full note can be read here.