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SIO handed over a cow to Pehlu Khan’s family

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New Delhi: SIO delegation visited Pehlu Khan’s residence at Mewat, Haryana and handed over a milch cow as they had promised so.

Earlier this month, Pehlu khan was stopped by cow vigilantes in Alwar area of Rajasthan and beaten to death while he was transporting cows. Father of eight children, Pehlu had a dairy farm as the only source of livelihood.

Even though they had owned proper “Jaipur Nagar Nigam” papers for carrying cows, cow vigilantes began to lynch them and some of them were trying to get the diesel from vehicle to burn them alive, according to Amzad. Amzad has lost his eye sight partially.Cow vigilantes also snatched 35 thousands from his pocket.

Family members of Pehlu Khan said to Thauseef Ahmed, National Secretary, SIO of India, “Policemen had asked him 1 lakh to meet his brother and others, and they snatched 5000 rupees which he had with him. Shockingly, a case is also filed against the victims for stealing cow.”