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MSF demands CBI probe for missing JNU student Najeeb, to organise nationwide protests

MSF National President T P Asharaf Ali

By Twocircles.net Staff Reporter

The Muslim Students Federation (MSF) has demanded a CBI probe into the disappearance of JNU student Najeeb Ahmed and said it will organise nationwide protests for the same.

MSF National President T P Asharaf Ali

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, MSF national president T P Ashraf Ali alleged criminal lapses on part of JNU authorities saying it has not submitted an inquiry report even after three months of Najeeb’s missing. “The assaulters of Najeeb Ahmed are scot free in the campus without any sort of punishment. Instead of arresting them, the police went ahead to the extent of raiding his home at Badaun and even attacking his mother who was in protest seeking justice for her son. The Government should hand over the case to CBI since Police has miserably failed in finding Najeeb Ahmed,” Ashraf Ali said.

The national president expressed solidarity with the on-going struggles of JNU students to resist the Sangh agenda of attacking higher education. “MSF strongly condemns the acts by JNU administration such as suspending the students who protested against the draconian gazette of UGC, and protecting the assaulters Najeeb Ahmed,” he said.

Adding further, the national president alleged that Sangh Parivar was indulging in attempts to make the universities under their control. “One of such attempts is the move to curtail research programmes in JNU. They have tried to increase Viva Voce marks and were forced to revoke the decision as a result of protest carried out by students. Nevertheless, they are now trying to delink the integrated MPhil and Ph.D. programmes and limit the intake by restricting the number of students to eight under the supervision of Professor, 6 under an associate Professor, and 4 under an Assistant Professor. The decision will prevent a large number of research aspirants from entering the university where an average 40 researchers were admitted,” he said.

He also demanded a probe by a parliament committee on the disrespect and cruelty shown by the RML hospital to the Late IUML National President and sitting Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) E. Ahamed who died in the hospital after a heart attack during Parliament hours. “MSF suspects a high-level conspiracy behind the incident and there should be strong action against the culprits,” he said. The federation will organize a dharna in front of parliament on March 16.