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Jharkhand: Police drag 19-year-old Muslim out of his house, shoot him dead

piperwar police killing Salman

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter

In another case of police brutality against Muslims, a 19-year-old Muslim boy in Jharkhand was dragged out of his house and shot dead by the local police.

The incident took place in Piperwar town of Chatra district. According the family of Mohammad Salman, Policemen came to their house on Friday night around 10 and asked for Salman. When Salman showed up police took him out of the house.

[click here for picture of Salman’s dead body]

Salman’s mother questioned the act of police, asking them why they were taking Salman out of the house to which the police responded by saying that they had to ask few questions.

But soon after they took Salman out of the house, they fired three rounds of bullets on the chest of Salman. They used their service Insas rifle to fire the shots. Empty rounds of bullets were recovered from the site.

Salman’s family heard the shot and came out of the house, they saw that police was dragging the body of Salman away from the house. Soon after police finished their ‘work’, they ran away in a car.

The village residents took Salman’s body to the Bachra’s hospital where doctors declared him “brought dead.” Villagers have alleged ASI Prem Kumar Mishra behind this shooting incident.

Following the death of Salman, things have gone tense in Chatra district. Mine workers and villagers have refused to work in the Piperwar and Ashoka coal mines. Their main demand is to arrest ASI Prem Kumar Mishra and others who came to Salman’s house last night.

Villagers have refused the post-mortem of Salman’s dead body and have blocked the road.

The police first tried to give it an encounter color, but later backed out. Then police said that they were chasing some coal thieves but trigger got pushed and it left Salman dead. But media started questioning – if it was a mistake, why the police did not take him to the hospital. Police could not answer this. Moreover, Police was not present when villagers took Salman body to the hospital.

As for now, SP Chatra has suspended SHO Piperwar Vinod Singh and other five policemen. Police has also arrested one constable in the same case.

Salman’s father Abdul Jabbar told media that Salman got his wage a day earlier. He bought various clothes and shoes for Eid on the same day police killed him.

One villager told TwoCircles.net, “This was a cold-blooded killing. They ran after shooting him. When we questioned police about this incident, they tried to manipulate us.”

Police force is camping in the village. The administration has made villagers calm for a while, but series of protests is still expected.