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Indian Social Forum helps woman stranded, tortured in Riyadh return to India

By TCN News

Indian Social Forum, a platform for Indians in Saudi Arabia, helped an Indian expat worker to return back to India after she was cheated by a travel agency.

Shabina Banu from Karnataka came to Saudi Arabia with the intention of earning a good livelihood for her family. She had come through a travel Agency Al-Hasan Enterprise from Mangalore to work as a Child caretaker with all service benefits.

 However, Shabina Banu was forced to work as a housemaid in her Visa Sponsors house. Initially, she refused to work as a maid but her Sponsor insisted and she agreed as she had no option. After some time, her Sponsor forced her to work in his other house too and when she refused, she was physically tortured. Also, her salary was supposed to be 1,500 riyals but she was paid only 1,000 riyals.

 When Sabina told her family about her experience, the family members contacted Ashraf Arkana, Indian Social Forum Member and discussed ways to bring her back. The ISF team led by Ismail Mangalapete and Ashraf Arakana immediately rushed to helps Shabina Banu.

The ISF Members contacted the Indian Embassy office in Riyadh to make immediate repatriation Shabina Banu. When the Embassy called her sponsor, the Sponsor demanded the money which he paid to get her visa. As Shabina Banu had no relatives and friends in Riyadh, Indian Social Forum Karnataka State Committee arranged money and paid to her sponsor on her behalf. Finally, on March 2, she was able to return home to her family.

Shabina Banu conveyed her thanks to the team and wished that their efforts would continue in the coming days.