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Anti-caste crusader Kausalya remarries

Kausalya and Sakthi ( Photo: Twitter)

TCN News:

Kausalya whose husband Shankar was brutally murdered in a honour killing by her own family in 2016 re- married Sakthi in a self-respect wedding ceremony at Coimbatore.

Ever since her husband Shankar was killed for being a Dalit, Kausalya has been actively crusading against honour killings. The court sentenced her father and other family members, who were involved in getting her husband hacked to death were convicted and awarded death sentence and Kausalya had welcomed the court sentence further enraging people of ‘thevar’ clan to which Kausalya belongs.

After overcoming depression during which period Kausalya had also attempted suicide, she took to activism fighting against the caste hate killings and also teaching ‘Parai’ to the children of the village in Coimbatore to which her late husband Shankar belonged.

Kausalya and Sakthi, a Parai artist, also from the thevar clan, after their self-respect marriage ceremony – a marriage which is solemnised without any priests or any rituals took a pledge to continue fighting against caste system.