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Postage Stamps on Two Unani Physicians to be released on 30 August

Hakim Mohammad Abdul Aziz Lakhnawi & Hakim Mohammad Kabiruddin

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Two Unani physicians are among the 12 ‘Master Healers’ of AYUSH systems to be commemorated with postage stamps on 30th August. The stamps will be released by the Prime Minister of India in New Delhi.

Hakim Mohammad Kabiruddin (1894–1976) and Hakim Mohammad Abdul Aziz Lakhnawi (1854–1911), the eminent scholars and physicians of Unani Medicine, are the two legends who will be immortalised on the postage stamps.

The Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (CCRUM) in their press released shared this information about these two physicians.

While Hakim Mohammad Kabiruddin was one of the most prolific writers and a great academician of Unani Medicine in the twentieth century, Hakim Mohammad Abdul Aziz Lakhnawi was a great philosopher-physician of his time. Hakim Kabiruddin realized that education of Unani Medicine through Arabic or Persian medium could no longer sustain and felt the need to convert Unani text books in Urdu language. He devoted his efforts to fulfil this need and successfully translated many important books in Urdu language. His translation works include ‘Tarjama-e-Mujiz al-Qanoon’, ‘Tarjama-e-Kabir’ (Translation of Sharah al-Asbabwa al-Alamat), ‘Tarjama Hummayat-e-Qanoon’, ‘Tarjama wa Sharh Kulliyat-e-Nafisi’, ‘Tarjama Kulliyat-e-Qanoon’, etc.

With a view to popularize Unani Medicine and promote its scientific literature, he started Al-Masih, a monthly magazine in 1921 and established ‘Daftar al-Masih’, a publishing house, which published his original works as1) well as translations done by him and his colleagues. He also contributed to compilation and translation of medical syllabus of Jamia Usmania Hyderabad and was honored with the title of ‘Shahanshah-e-Tasnifaat’ (Emperor of Compilations) by Nizam of Hyderabad.

On the other hand, Hakim Mohammad Abdul Aziz Lakhnawi was a member of the famous Azizi family of Unani Medicine which is named after him despite the fact that there were many illustrious Hakims amongst his ancestors. His remarkable contribution is the establishment of Takmil ut-Tib College, Lucknow. He had exceptional expertise in the principles and philosophies of Unani Medicine. In spite of being over occupied by medical practice and teaching, he found time to write medical books / booklets that included Risala Tuhfa-e-Azizi, Bayaz-e-Mujarrabat and Hashiya ala al-Qanoon.