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Remembering Abdul Qaiyum Ansari and Abdul Hameed: the Messiahs of Social Justice & patriotism

By Shahnawaz Ahmad Ansari 

I extend warm homage on the Birthdays of the duo nationalists: Freedom fighter-Abdul Qaiyum Ansari and War-fighter (warrior) Abdul Hameed. Perhaps, due to a few similarities between them, they were born on the same day – 1st July. Notably, both hailing from Pasmanda communities were die-hard patriots. The former fought for the freedom of the country opposing the two-nation theory of Muslim League, and for the rights of the underprivileged while the latter fought the war to protect the country from the enemy, embracing martyrdom. Arguably, both were real heroes of Mother India.

Ironically and woefully, the souls of both these illustrious sons of India must be in extreme torment in heaven due to the emergence of majoritarian pseudo-nationalism and extreme form of communalism, where innocents are being killed for trivial reasons. They may have never ever speculated such victimisation of their succeeding generations!

Ansari Sb – An ambassador of nationalism & communal harmony

In the pre-independence era, he opposed vehemently the communal policies of the Muslim League, and the creation of Pakistan. Analytically, Momin Movement was the off-shoot of the Muslim League’s agenda for a separate Muslim nation, which opposed the two-nation theory. Later, Momin Movement turned out instrumental in uplifting socio-economic, political and ideological emancipation of the Momin community – counting almost half of India’s Muslim population.

In the post-independence era, during the aggression of Pakistan on Kashmir in October 1947, he was the first Muslim Leader of India, who came forward and condemned the same. Stepping forward, he strenuously worked towards inculcating awareness in the Muslim masses to counter such aggressions as true citizens of India. He urged the Indian Muslims to support the Government of India in the anti-Indian uprising of the Razakars in Hyderabad during September 1948. He worked throughout his life to enliven nationalism, secularism, equality and social justice in the democratic envelope. But, dejectedly, the current state of affairs is the adverse stream of his ideals, thoughts and deeds.

Ansari Sb – The need of the hour

Statesmen like Ansari Sb are rare. Had he been alive, the condition of Muslims in general and Pasmanda Muslims, in particular, wouldn’t have been as deplorable as it is today. The vacuum of such leadership, who stood for the genuine causes of social justice, political and citizenry rights, has not been fulfilled even after 46 years of his demise. The emergence of pseudo-nationalism and its unplugged upsurge has been setting a new normal and a stage for orchestrated communalism. The neo-culture of mob-lynching is the subset of pseudo-nationalism.

The series of mob-lynching started 5 years back, is incessant and the recent one of Tabrez Ansari in Jharkhand seems to be accelerating the new pace and setting a new paradigm, inspiring the Hindu-hardliners to participate in these activities with renewed vigour. Ironically, it won’t be over-speculation that till 2024, mob-lynching/pogroms might be legalised in Indian democratic structure as it has started taking cultural proportion. Alas! Ansari Sb should have been alive to rescue the debilitated lot of the depressed, and to fight for the equality (Masawat) – his functional philosophy, which is also one of the fundamental rights enshrined in the Indian constitution under the banner of fundamental rights and the soul of the humanity!

Shahnawaz Ahmad Ansari is writing professional and a social activist who writes on a wide range of topics. He has over 12 years of experience in writing & editing for media and non-media organisations. He writes editorials and opinion pieces to different journals. He can be reached at [email protected].