Kashmiri Muslims want Pandits back

By News Agency of Kashmir

Jammu: Roots in Kashmir (RIK) an initiative by a group of Kashmiri Pandit youth today said that 85 percent of Kashmiri Muslims want Kashmii Pandits to return back to valley.

The RIK group, which is on three-day study tour of migrant camps, announces its Jammu chapter and claimed that they have also some Muslim and Sikh youth as members of their Organization. RIK said that it is planning to organize a Kashmir conference in coming days.

"We are not against Kashmiri Muslims but want a probe in the circumstances under which pandits were forced to leave valley", an RIK member told News Agency of Kashmir at the side lines of a news conference, adding that they have launched a campaign against those who were involved in the selective killings of Kashmiri Pandits(KP) during 1989.

Addressing a press conference here today, Aditya Raj Koul, leader of the group flanked by other members, said the purpose of visiting Jammu migrant camps and non-camp areas was to have a first hand experience of conditions in which the Pandits are living after the migration. "Our motive to visit here was to understand the problems being faced by the community members", he added.

The Roots In Kashmir will explore the possibilities for capacity development the KP youth to enable them to get better employability which state government has failed to provide them", he added.

He said Roots In Kashmir (RIK) has been working on various issues and has even successfully carried out numerous campaigns, which include, protest against Yasin Malik; meeting with the NHRC, nation-wide protest on the International Human Rights Day; organizing the first ever Kashmiri Pandit youth Festival attended by more than 30,000 delegates and many more.

Roots In Kashmir (RIK), he said, want to draw attention of the citizens of the country, the government, various human rights organizations, NGO's and specially the media towards the conditions in which the Kashmiri Pandits are living in state and out side.

"It has been a demand of the Kashmiri Pandit Community for last more then one and a half decade that a commission should be set up which can probe the cause of the 'exodus' of Pandits. Why is there no reaction of the govt. on this demand?" questioned Aditya Raj Kaul.

"Inquiry commissions were set up immediately after the Gujarat riots and in the custodial killings that surfaced recently in Kashmir," Raj said adding "We strongly condemn the custodial killings of civilians but at the same time we demand a probe into the forced 'exodus' of an entire community form their mother-land".

He said what stops Government from probing the forced migration of KPs which not only spoil the future of thousands of youth of the community but also forced their old age parents to live in such an environment which made their life a hell.

"Neither state nor center government are sincere in addressing the problems of our community as a whole and those living a pathetic life in camps both in Jammu and out side the state", alleged a female member of the group.

"We appreciate the efforts of government agencies who uncover number of fake encounter cases in Kashmir", said another member adding that however no step has been taken to probe the selective killings by JKLF Militants.

A number of cases are still pending against JKLF front line leaders in J&K courts, TADA Courts, CHI etc. but the judiciary and the government is showing complete lack of interest in taking these cases forward and bringing them to justice which according to RIK is gross Human Right violation of the Pandit community.

"If the government do not take strong action against them in the coming days, then Roots In Kashmir (RIK) will be forced to knock at the doors of Apex court ", said Pooja Shali, female activist of RIK, alleging "The separatist groups led by Yasin Malik and Syed Ali Shah Geelani have created a strong lobby of so called human Right activists based in Delhi. She said outwardly they pose to be propagating Nationalistic agenda while internally they have links with separatist's leaders. "Strict vigil needs to be kept on the persons who are propagating secessionist's agenda on the name of Human Rights violation in Kashmir."

She said, during their visit to various migrant camps in Jammu region they found that 35,000 Kashmiri Pandit refugees are being given step-motherly treatment by the government.

"We also raise our concern over the condition of the Pandits living in Battal Bali Camp who are facing a threat to their lives due to industry pollution" said Neeru Kaul another female activist of the group.

"There have been rise in deaths of camp inmates due to various unknown diseases, which they developed during their stay in camps", said Sunil Bhat, adding that the government has completely failed to address the basic issues like providing proper sanitation, medical care facilities to migrants.

Referring to a recent study conducted by Dr. K.L. Choudhary, an eminent doctor from the community, he said around 60% children in Purkhoo Camp in Jammu are suffering from severe Anemia and there is a rise in the patients of Asthma in Battal Ballina camp.

There is an immediate need of renovation and maintenance of the Rainawari Shiva temple, Akingam Shrine in Anantnag district, Kapalmochana shrine in Shopian and many others so that the community members could visit these places.

The members of Roots In Kashmir (RIK) who were part of the visiting delegation included Rashneek Kher, Aditya Raj Kaul, Ashish Zutshi, Amal Magazine, Pooja Shalt, Neeru Kaul, Sunil Ticku, Arun Kaul, Aseem Bhat and Sunil Bhat.


Varun Gandhi

I felt terribly shocked on the draconian and dictatorial decision of the government of Uttar Pradesh for slapping NSA against Mr. Varun Gandhi. This act on the part of the government is totally arbitrary, illegal, unconstitutional and of course, malafide. Indian Constitution does not allow such barbaric acts which intend to demolish the fundamental rights of its citizens.
Thiese type of act clearly shows that the India is secular for a particular religion and if the hindus even speaks for there selves they are treated in such a malafide manner

These days it has become a fashion to side with Muslims and Christians – at least in India – even when they commit the worst human crimes; by dint of no possible logic they can be viewed as oppressed. It has become kind of a peer pressure. The majority has, all of a sudden, turned into the Gestapo and every minority is like the Jews in Germany; which is totally wrong. They are playing a dangerous game and every right-thinking person in the country should actively oppose such subversive activities.

The Indian state as usual is at its pusillanimous best. I’m wondering how dare a Pakistani flag be waved on the Indian territory. Such people should be immediately shot, and I’m not saying it in anger. You take your flag to another territory (disregard the Olympics and other international events) when you have taken over that territory. If they want to hoist Pakistani flags and want to chant slogans like Jeevey Jeevey Pakistan. Long live Pakistan, then they should be either put behind bars or packed off to Pakistan. They should be slapped and told.
But all those are treated with the Healing touch policies and if you talk of Hindu you have been put behind the bar.

The young Hindu is angry and intolerant. What triggered the change?

The Hindu's tolerance level is dropping, and today he is an angry man.
Terror campaigns irk the average Hindu. "Delaying Afzal Guru's hanging [in the Parliament attack case] sends out the signal that the government is unwilling to act on terror
Hindus have many enemies. The biggest one is terrorism, condoned by a corrupt government

Manish Zijoo

Varun is Dangerous to India

Varun is a dangerous politician. He should be inside the bar for the rest of his life. If he comes out and speaks like earlier, India will be a battle field. Love India, Mr. Manish.

Otherwise let Varun repent and change his policies. All the fanatics and terrorists should be behind bar.

We have the right to live in peace. India is a great nation with great tradition. Indian secularism is superb.

Varun like snakes has no place in India.


Why 85%, 94% Kashmiri Muslims want Pandits Back.


Why 85%, 94% Kashmiri Muslims want the Pandits, who were just 5% of the Kashmiri population, back in Kashmir Valley. But unfortunately 1%- ONE PERCENT, KASMIRI MUSLIMS do not want the Kashmiri Pandits back. This one percent of Kashmiri Muslims, statistically a "minuscule number", but actually it would be about 35,000 people, since the population of Kashmir is about 35 Lakh. These 35,000 Kashmiris Muslims mainly concentrated in Srinagar and few other urban centers are the cause of most violence in Kashmir. They are responsible for stone pelting almost every Friday in front of Srinagar Juma Masjid and are the backbone of support to the less than 500-800 TERRORIST in the Kashmir Valley- all terrorist are PAKI NATIONALS. The Kashmiri Muslim gave up violence in 1994 itself and that is the time PAKI ISI started pushing in PAKI TERRORIST into the valley.

Until this violent 35000 Kashmiri Muslims stop supporting terrorist, Kashmiri Pandits will not be able to go back to Kashmir as the terrorist will massacre them. The reasons for same are as under:-

1-- The Pandit land and houses have been usurped by some 500-800 influential Kashmiris Muslims with adequate political clout/police support ( some of them are kashmiri police officers themselves) and if Pandits return the property will have to be returned. If a Kashmiri Muslim has grabbed an Pandit's orchard from which he is earning Rs 25-30 Lakh every year, will he think twice in paying Rs 5-10Lakh to Paki Terrorist for massacring Pandits as and when they return. The posh Pandit Houses on the Air Port Road have also been usurped by influential Kashmiris.

2-- Majority amongst the 35000 Kashmiri Muslims who form the violent ONE PERCENT are Kashmiri Govt Officials including Kashmir Police persons, who are looting the state of all funds allotted to it. If normalcy and rule of law returns, accountability will also return and the corrupt officials will have to account for the funds. The looting will have to stop. Would they want it???

3-- The Hurriet has about 5000 to 8000 foot soldiers, mainly in Srinagar and some other urban centers on the Banihal-Baramula Highway, tasked to keep the "facade" of anti-India struggle on. Anybody can go to Srinagar claiming to be TV NEWS Channel REPORTER and instantly PHOTOGRAPH/ RECORD anti- India agitation by contacting these groups and paying them money. After all what we all see on TV as agitation in Kashmir Valley is just 100- 500 Kashmiri youth pelting stones at Police from narrow streets in Srinagar and Police promptly obliging with a "Lathi Charge and tear gas attack".

4-- In the entire Kashmir, there has never been an occasion when more than 5000-8000 protesters have taken to the streets from Banihal Tunnel to Baramula, even during the HIGHT of anti-Amarnath Yatra protest. The protesters are concentrated at Anantnag, Awanthipura, Srinagar and Baramula which are the major urban centers along Banihal- Baramula Road. Seldom are there any report of agitation from Rajauri or Poonch in Jammu or even from Budgam in the Kashmir Valley as Budgam has majority SHIA Population who do not whole heartedly support the Hurriet.


Varun Gandhi

I think it's time for all Hindu's to unite and fight against so called"Secular" parties / groups. For them favouring Muslims for their vote bank politics means secularism. In the past, Hindu's have been envaded, converted and crushed due to their tolerant nature. However, this is a high time and we don't act Hindu's would become outcasted in their own country. The biggest example is where Pandit's were thrown out of Kashmir which is a part of their own country and no one did anything!! If we don't watch our interest, there will be a time we will be left with nothing.