Pakistan: 27-member Special Committee on Constitution reforms set up


Islamabad : Pakistan National Assembly Speaker Dr. Fehmida Mirza unveiled a 27-member Special Committee of the Parliament on Constitutional Reforms.

Addressing a Press Conference Tuesday here at the Parliament House, the speaker said the body was formed after consulting all the parliamentary leaders of the 15 political parties having representation in both houses of the Parliament.

The committee would finalise the political parties’ recommendations for constitutional reforms, including repeal of 17th amendment under the scope of Charter of Democracy (CoD), she added.

“In the first sitting, the members would also elect their chairman. All the members have been nominated by the parliamentary leaders of the respective political parties and I have only facilitated the process,” she added.

To a question over the timeframe of the committee’s recommendations, the speaker said committee has no time limits for the suggestions about the constitutional reforms. She said the members would also decide their roadmap in the meeting.

She said all political parties had proposed their representatives and she had only facilitated the process. She said she also wanted to ensure representation of women and minorities in the body, however, she had no powers to do so.

Dr. Mirza said the nation should have faith in the committee members as very seasoned and veteran politicians are members of the committee.

She hoped that the committee would finalise its recommendations soon and nobody should doubt the commitment of the senior politicians towards democratic process.

To a question, Dr. Fehmida Mirza said if the committee could not form consensus over the recommendations, the will of majority would prevail.

“This is democratic government and not dictatorship. The will of majority would prevail if consensus not achieved,” she added.