Muslim youths arrested in Hyderabad after the Bangalore crack down, the wave of terror arrests shift to south India

By Ismail Khan,,

Obaid ur Rehman is the latest casualty in the terror arrest started from Bangalore and Hubli day before yesterday. The 21 year old Obaid from Baba Nagar area of Hyderabad is a B.Com final year student from Anwar Uloom Degree College in the city.

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He has been arrested by a joint operation of Hyderabad and Bangalore police. Although he was picked up near his locality on Thursday, but he has been shown arrested and officially being transferred to Bangalore at 11 p.m. on Friday.

Obaid’s mother’s letter

Local media have already branded him as ‘ISI’ agent and a local support to the 11 member alleged terror module arrested in Bangalore two days back.

“CCB police from Bangalore called us at 11 in the night, they informed us Obaid has been arrested and taken into their custody. On asking when he was arrested police officer just hung the phone.” mother of Obaid, Syeda Kauser Sultana told TCN.

His mother told that Obaid was missing from 30th August morning. Kauser Sultana said, “At 11 a.m. he went out of house on bike, saying that he will return back soon. In the afternoon when we tried to call him, his phone was switched off, and he was untraceable.”

Obaid is a relative of Maulana Naseeruddin who was recently being acquitted in former Gujarat home minister Haren Pandya murder case. When Obaid didn’t return back home even in the night, the family sent a letter to the Police Commissioner and State human rights commission fearing he is in the illegal custody of police. At 11 p.m. in the night their worst fear came true, when Obaid was declared in Bangalore police custody, connecting him to the arrest of 11 Muslim youths from Banglore and Hubli.

Informed sources have told TCN that 6 more Muslim youths have been arrested by Special Investigation Team; two of them Akram and Khaleelullah who belonged to PFI were later released in the night. Other four are still in the custody of Hyderabad police, but there is no clue if they are going to be shifted to Bangalore with other 12 accused.

Meanwhile, four more Muslim youths have reportedly been arrested from Nanded town of Marathwada region in Maharashtra. They were also arrested in connection with the 11 arrests from Bangalore.

With this it seems that after the showdown of arresting of Muslim youths has ended in north India, a new wave has begun in south India.