Rashtriya Ekta Manch organizes protest and peace rally against killings of Muslim techie and Dalit youth in Maharashtra

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter,

Mumbai: With the intention of spreading environment of peace and harmony in the state and to express solidarity with the families of victims of hatred within the society, Rashtriya Ekta Manch and Maulana Azad Vichar Manch staged protests in different districts across Maharashtra.

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Many Hindus and Muslims came together for the purpose under a banner of Rashtriya Ekta Manch who organized protest cum peace rally and went to meet the families of Muslim Techie Mohsin Shaikh who was killed unprovoked in last month’s Pune violence by members of Hindu Rashtra Sena (HRS) and of Nitin Aghe , a Dalit youth who was killed allegedly due to falling in love with a Brahmin girl in Pune.

Mr. Hussain Dalwai, a sitting Rajya Sabha MP and a President of Maulana Azad Vichar Manch headed a gathering of nearly 500 people from Mumbai to Solapur , a hometown of Mohsin Shaikh and met his family. The gathering also went to the home of Nitin Aghe in Khardi, Pune.

Mr. Husaain Dalwai along with other members of the Manch spoke words of sympathy with both the families and assured of raising voice for them before the state government.

Speaking on the growing communal incidences in the state, Mr. Hussain Dalwai said such incidences against marginalized community have increased after Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) came to the power at center as the communal groups have been boosted with the win.

He called upon people from Muslim and Hindus to come together and work for strengthening peace and harmony within the society and not to fall prey to the urging of communal forces who divide the society on the basis of religion.

The protest was also attended by INC MLA Mohan Joshi, Deepti Choudhary and other members of Maulana Azad Vichar Manch and Rashtriya Ekta Manch.

(with inputs from Sahafat)