N Korea Lashes Japan at N-Talks

By Prensa Latina

Pyongyang : The Peoples Democratic Republic of Korea lashed at Japan at the denuclearization talks in Beijing, in what it said was an attempt to turn the forum into a battle field.

The state-run paper Minju Joson said that with such an attitude, Tokyo should quit the six-party talks due to its political incapacity to discuss a matter as sensitive and important as the nuclear situation on the Korean peninsula.


Russia: Kosovo Tipped World Order

By Prensa Latina

Moscow : The chief of the Russian Armed Forces' General Staff, Army General Yuri Baluyevski, warned on Tuesday that recognizing Kosovo's independence causes an international chaos.

The imposition of separatist trends alters the world agreements reached in 1945 in Yalta, and in 1973 in Helsinki, the general sustained.

He lamented that with the recognition of the Serbian province's independence the world has been divided between ó the goodies and the baddies. ó


Ukrainian Premier to Go to Moscow

By Prensa Latina

Kiev : Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko will travel to Moscow Wednesday to discuss gas supply-related issues with her Russian peer Víktor Zubkov, the Foreign Ministry confirmed.

Foreign Minister Vladimir Ogryzko denied any postponement of the visit and noted that the agenda of the trip to Russia is being drafted.

The presence of Timoshenko in Moscow follows the state visit of Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko, amid a new bilateral crisis regarding the gas issue.


UN Assembly President Puts Off LatAm Trip

By Prensa Latina

United Nations : UN General Assembly President Srgjan Kerim announced that for medical reasons, he had to postpone his visit to Latin America.

According to official sources, the visit to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Uruguay will take place in the future.

Kerim was supposed to begin this first visit as president of the UN General Assembly to Latin America on Wednesday.


New SuperTuesday in 2 US States

By Prensa Latina

Washington : The US hosts today another super Tuesday primary elections in Wisconsin and Hawaii where the Democrats will test their popularity in hopes of emerging as candidate at the August national convention.

CNN Network says Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.-1,262 points), reaches this Super Tuesday with a 50-point lead on Sen. Hillary Clinton (NY.-1,213. Both have been cajoling ex contender John Edwards, whose support would be a strong magnet for the voters.


McCain, Obama win Wisconsin, moving closer to nominations

By Ronald Baygents, KUNA

Washington : US senators John McCain and Barack Obama emerged from victories in the Wisconsin primary on Tuesday night with McCain virtually assured of the Republican presidential nomination and Obama poised to possibly end the presidential bid of former first lady Hillary Clinton when Texas and Ohio vote in two weeks.


Serbia rejects anew Kosovo''s independence


Vienna : Serbian foreign minister Vuk Jeremic Tuesday rejected anew the independence of Kosovo, saying it was illegal and a violation of the Serbian sovereighty and territorial integrity.

Jeremic, addressing an urgent meeting of the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), held here at the Serbian request, said Belgrade would not recognize the independence of the province.


Kosovo's Independence Draws Diverse Views at UN


United Nations : The United Nations Security Council held two emergency sessions on Sunday and Monday on the future status of Kosovo but failed to reach a consensus.

Kosovo nonetheless declared itself a sovereign state on Sunday to the disappointment of Serbian President Boris Tadic, who on Monday said the independence of Kosovo is a violation of international law and recommended that the Security Council not set a precedent for other separatist movements.


NATO troops close Kosovo border


Belgrade, Serbia : NATO troops have sealed the northern borders of Kosovo after Serbs angry at its weekend declaration of independence ransacked two crossings.

Hundreds of protestors torched customs and police posts at Jarinje and Banja, manned by UN and Kosovo police.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon told the Security Council emergency meeting on Monday that the the UN mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) will remain there.

IRNA reporter in Belgrade said that the NATO closing the borders is embarrassing for both Kosovo Serbs and Serbia's government.


Canadian Sikh's helmet verdict on March 6


Toronto : A Canadian court will give its verdict March 6 whether a turbaned Sikh can be exempted from wearing a helmet for driving motorcycle.

Brampton-based Baljinder Singh Badesha, who has challenged the $110 fine imposed on him for riding a motorcycle without a helmet three years ago, appeared in court here for the third time in two weeks to get the helmet rule and fine overturned.

After hearing lawyers for Badesha and the government, the judge reserved his verdict for March 6.