Driver killed in shooting at U.S. embassy vehicle in Sudan

By Xinhua

Khartoum : A driver was killed and an American wounded in a shooting at U.S. Embassy vehicle in Sudan on Tuesday morning, al-Arabiya TV channel earlier reported.

The report said that the driver, probably a Sudanese, was killed in the shooting at the sports utility vehicle that belongs to the U.S. Embassy in Sudan.

The incident was happened in a main street in Sudan's capital city of Khartoum early Tuesday morning, and an American was wounded in the chest in the same shooting.

U.S. diplomat killed in Sudan

·An American diplomat had died of injuries sustained in a shooting incident on Tuesday.
·The slain U.S. diplomat worked for the U.S. Agency for International Development.
·Unknown gunmen opened fire as the U.S. diplomat was heading home.

By Xinhua

Khartoum : An American diplomat had died of injuries sustained in a shooting incident in the Sudanese capital early Tuesday, the U.S. embassy in Sudan said.

British PM urges Kenyan leaders to end violence

By Xinhua

London : British Prime Minister Gordon Brown urged Kenya's political leaders on Tuesday to talk in a bid to end the violence gripping the country.

"The violence must be brought to an end," Brown said in a statement, following the death of at least 120 people amid disputed election results.

Brown said he had spoken to Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga to push for peace.

Brown said the Kenyan politicians had an obligation to find a solution to end the violence in their country.

At least 50 dead in Kenya church fire

By Xinhua

Beijing : Fifty people, including many children, were killed Tuesday in a church fire torched by a mob in western Kenya when they were shelering from violence following Kenya's disputed election, according to local police and Red Cross sources.

Get bird's eye view of Australia's rainforest


Cairns (Australia) : Most tourists visiting Australia go to Cairns in northern Queensland as the launching point for the islands, coral and fish of the Great Barrier Reef. But the nearby tropical rainforests, which stretch across 9,000 square kilometres of the state, are an equally stunning example of Down Under's natural wonders.


50 Kenyans seeking shelter in church burned to death


Nairobi : At least 50 people, mostly women and children, were killed in western Kenya when an angry mob set alight the church they were hiding in to escape the post-election violence, the Red Cross said Tuesday, as rioting continued to overwhelm the east African nation.

Bags filled with pots and cooking utensils that were not destroyed in the blaze were strewn by piles of ashes in the ruins of the church, which was mostly razed in the fire, a Red Cross volunteer on the scene said.

World hopes for peace in 2008


New York : After a round-the-globe series of partying stretching from Sydney to San Francisco, the world ushered in the year 2008 on Tuesday amid appeals for peace but worries about violence in trouble spots ranging from Pakistan to Iraq to Kenya.

The day also saw the usual tally of casualties from a night of revelry, but also some hopeful signs, such as six babies born in Iraq, and moments of colour when high culture merged with sports as the Vienna Philharmonic donned football scarves at its annual New Years day concert.


Key political victims of terror attacks in Sri Lanka

By P.K. Balachandran, IANS

Colombo : Terrorism has claimed the lives of several prominent politicians in Sri Lanka. These include a head of state and government, cabinet ministers, MPs and mayors. Most victims have been Tamils.

It all began July 27, 1975 when the Mayor of Jaffna, Alfred Duraiappah, was shot dead in front of a Hindu temple.

Among the young men who carried out the killing was Velupillai Prabhakaran, who founded the Liberation Tiger of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) the next year.


Slovenia takes over EU Presidency

BRUSSELS, Jan 1 (KUNA) -- Slovenia on Tuesday took over the six-month rotating European Union (EU) Presidency from Portugal.
As the only member of the former Yugoslavia in the EU club, a top priority of Slovenia's agenda is the Balkans, in particular Kosovo which is seeking independence from Serbian rule.
The European bloc's international agenda under Slovenia's Presidency comprises a summit with Latin America to be held in May, in addition to some other summit meetings with the US, Russia, Canada and Japan.
Slovenia will hand over the EU Presidency to France on July 1.


2008 Looks Grim for Bush, say Analysts

Washington, Jan 1 (Prensa Latina) If the last days of 2007 are any indication, U.S. President George W. Bush's last year in office is shaping up as grim and lonely, says a commentary published here by Interpress Service.

Grim, because Bush's signature "war on terror" is nowhere near the kind of "victory" on which he had placed so much hope. Hundreds of billions of dollars from the U.S. Treasury have been spent, but the Middle East and the wider Islamic world is as ripped by war as ever.

The year that just concluded has been the deadliest for the US in its war efforts.