Muslim leaders are opportunistic and morally corrupt: TN Mushawarat

By Md. Ali,

Chennai: Some might talk about the mushrooming growth of Muslim outfits in Tamil Nadu, in positive terms but the Tamil Nadu chapter of Majlise Mushawarat, doesn’t mince words when it comes to criticizing the “Muslim” leaders and “Muslim” political parties in the state.

Indirectly referring to leaders like Prof. Jawahirullah, president of Tamil Nadu Muslim Munetra Kagnzgam (TMMK) and leaders belonging to other Muslim outfits, Dr. K. Abdul Sattar secretary of Majlise Mushawarat Tamil Nadu, said, “People existing on the name of Muslim leaders, in Tamil Nadu are opportunistic and morally corrupt who don’t have dignity and who lack popular support of the community.”

Dr. K Sattar is the Secretary of Tamil Nadu Mushawarat.

In fact the secretary of the Tamil Nadu branch of umbrella body of several Muslim organizations, All India Majlis-e- Mushawarat went on to the extent of calling Muslim leaders in Tamil Nadu as “leeches of the community.”

In fact Dr. Sattar suggested that at this stage in the politics of the state, “it iss best for the Muslims of the state to side with the mainstream, regional parties like DMK and AIDMK.” He argued that the evolution of Muslim leaders is a process which can’t be hastened and any body can’t become Muslim leaders overnight. At this stage Muslim should concentrate on education which is the key to empowerment.

“With just 3 seats these parties and their leaders won’t ever be able to sit with Karunanidhi and Jayalaalitha, let alone demand the due rights of the Muslims in the state,” said Dr. Satar, further adding, “But yes, with just 3 seats, they will be able to pretty well cater to their own interests,” added Dr. Sattar who is also a well known doctor.

Heavily criticizing Muslim leaders who don’t have the community’s support, Dr. Sattar said that they just get used by the big political parties who give them share and thereby try to appease the community. In the process these selfish leaders only make money and community doesn’t get the benefits at all.

Dr. Sattar highlighted the dependence of the “so called Muslim parties” by mentioning the fact that Muslim League still fights elections on the symbol of DMK, rising sun.

Importantly he argued that even though the Tamil Nadu government pretends to be a secular one but there are deep rooted prejudices very much working at every level in the state machinery. For instance, he highlighted the low representation of Muslims in the government sector, in terms of employment and appointments.

“By just allowing the minorities to pray, doesn’t mean that the government is secular. Secularism means equal opportunities at every level,” said Dr. Sattar demanding that Muslims in Tamil Nadu should be given reservation proportionate to their population which is roughly 7%.

Dr. Sattar runs Muslim Education Foundation which runs several inter-colleges in Chennai and in Azamgarh and Bijnor in UP.