Cuba Cooperates in Human Rights

By Prensa Latina

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United Nations : Cuba announced its decision to strengthen cooperation with human rights in response to an end of the anti-Cuban UN Human Rights Commission and birth of the Human Rights Council.

The Cuban mission to the UN circulated a document at the headquarters stating that there is no reason to justify setting apart Cuba in Geneva or any other multilateral scenario. It adds that Cuba has a long history of cooperation in all spheres of human rights that are applied on universal and unprejudiced bases.

However, it adds, ó this has been silenced and, worse yet, distorted by the propaganda machine of the hegemonic superpower. ó

This release comes on the eve of Human Rights day, December 10, announcing that the Cuban government answers these manipulations by continuing to enrich and strengthen its traditional cooperation.

The press release refers to the approval on November 16 by the Third Commission of the General Assembly of a resolution that sets up a Human Rights Council thereby eliminating the yearly and two decade old mandate against Cuba by which the United States imposed blackmail, threats and coercion in the former Human Rights Commission.

It adds ó this is an act of utmost justice towards the Cuban people as well as a denial of the prestige of Cuba and its Revolution. ó

The note adds that the only human rights violated in Cuba are on the Guantanamo Naval Base, illegally occupied by the United States where more flagrant and massive violations of human rights are the rule, not the exception.

“It is the United States, not Cuba, that violates international law, ó the document adds.

The Day of Human Rights is observed on December 10 since it is the day of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.