No person will be allowed to carry out politics of agitation, says President Pervez Musharraf


Islamabad : President Pervez Musharraf says no person or political party will be allowed to carry out politics of agitation.

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In his televised address to the nation Saturday night, the president vowed to hold free, fair and transparent election on Jan 8 2008. He said following the lifting of state of emergency, all the political parties are free to run their election campaign across Pakistan, according to the rules made by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Terming it an important day when the Constitution was being fully restored Musharraf said election will be fair and transparent and everyone will be equally free to participate in the election campaign.

It is my commitment to the entire nation and the world that the election on January 8 will be on time and will be absolutely free and transparent, the President said and regretted that some political parties have announced polls boycott. These political parties have no reason to boycott the election.

The president said some political leaders, even before the start of the election campaign, have started talking of rigging. This is all baseless and they must desist from it. I wish to appeal to all the political parties to maintain peace during the election, run the election campaign with full vigour, but avoid leveling allegations. I appeal to entire Pakistani nation not to participate in any street agitation, and politics of agitation. If any individual, group, or political party incites someone towards agitation, then they must not be a part of it.

Musharraf said Pakistan today was passing through a critical phase. Therefore, we under no circumstances, can bring destabilisation to Pakistan. It is, therefore my appeal to you, not to follow anyone who is inciting towards agitation.

He also appealed to the nation to fully participate in the election. Use your vote rightly and do cast your vote, he added.