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Suicide bomb kills 23 Iraqi army recruits

By Xinhua

Baghdad : A suicide truck bomb struck an Iraqi recruitment centre in a town west of Baghdad Sunday, killing at least 23 recruits and wounding some 30, police source said.

"A suicide bomber drove a truck rigged with explosives and blew it up at the entrance of an Iraqi army recruitment centre in Haswah, 40 km west of Baghdad," the source said.

The suicide attack targeted a group of Sunni Arab recruits queuing to sign up in the Iraqi security forces, the source added.

Tribal leaders in Iraq's predominantly Sunni province of Anbar have turned against militiamen of Al Qaida organization, encouraging their sons to join the local security forces.

Residents in western Iraq often blame Al Qaida for deadly attacks after rifts emerged between Sunni tribes and the militants.

Al Qaida's adherence to hardline form of Islam and the indiscriminate killings have brought it into conflict with some Sunni tribes in the Anbar province.