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Milli Council flays violence in London, Glasgow

By TwoCircles.net staff reporter

New Delhi : All India Milli Council (AIMC) has condemned the recent cases of violence in places like London and Glasgow.

Reacting to the reports coming from there, AIMC general secretary Dr Mohammed Manzoor Alam said in a statement released here Monday, "There was no question of justifying it from any section of the society but it should be kept in view that the persons alleged for these acts had no such record while living in India."

Dr Alam said the role of racial factor couldn't be ruled out. According to him, this was what Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh had also talked about and expressed his concern recently.

However, he made it clear that these acts were opposed to the teachings of Islam. He also said if there was any investigation going on anywhere, one should play a positive role so that truth could come out.

 The AIMC General Secretary was of the view that the investigating agencies were, no doubt, authorised to probe but it should be ensured that no body is unnecessarily harassed for just being related to the accused and should be concentrated on the issue or person concerned.

Dr Alam said that the media should also play a responsible role so that an environment of hatred and animosity couldn't be created in the society.