More than two dozen militants killed in Afghanistan

By Xinhua

Kabul : Afghan police and the US-led coalition forces killed over two dozen insurgents in Kandahar province of southern Afghanistan, while Afghan officials accused US forces of killing seven police officers in eastern province.

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Policemen and coalition soldiers were patrolling in Shah Wali Kot district Monday when militants ambushed them, the statement said.

The combined force returned the fire, killing several militants and forcing others to retreat, it added.

Five hours later, over 30 attackers attempted to ambush the same patrol again. The forces fought back and requested close air support.

"Over two dozen enemy fighters were killed," the statement said, adding one Afghan police officer was injured.

Meanwhile, US forces "mistakenly" killed seven Afghan policemen and injured five in Nangarhar province of eastern Afghanistan, an official said Tuesday.

US troops opened fire and dropped bombs on a police post in Khogyani district Monday night, a police officer in the district Nasiz Ahmad said, adding three police vehicles were also damaged.

Local officials said apparently there was a misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, the US-led coalition forces said in a statement that some coalition soldiers were conducting a patrol in the district when they were suddenly ambushed.

The forces requested air support, which killed seven Afghans of unconfirmed identities, according to the statement.

Due to rising Taliban-linked insurgency, over 2,000 persons, most of whom were Taliban militants, have been killed in Afghanistan this year.