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Uttar Pradesh declares revised medical entrance results


Lucknow : The Uttar Pradesh government Thursday declared revised results of the medical entrance examinations even as a university vice chancellor announced his resignation in the wake of violent statewide protests that led a youth to commit suicide.

Taking a serious note of the plight of thousands of candidates following serious anomalies in the earlier results of the Combined Pre-Medical Test (CPMT), Chief Minister Mayawati had recommended the removal of Purvanchal University vice chancellor K.P. Singh to Governor T.V. Rajeshwar.

The vice chancellor announced his decision to resign after the revised results were declared at a press conference here. Poorvanchal University had conducted this year's CPMT examinations.

"I take the entire responsibility for the errors in the CPMT results. But let me tell you, such errors are nor uncommon and were once detected even in the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) entrance examination," Singh said in defence.

The press conference was convened by Principal Medical Secretary Arun Kumar Misra to announce the revised results that came as a boon for many and bane for some.

According to the list released Thursday, as many as 53,735 candidates have passed this time, against 15,088 earlier.

"The difference is attributable to feeding of wrong keys in the computers," said Misra, adding that revision of results had affected about 75 percent of the candidates.

About 80,000 candidates had appeared in the examination seeking admission in different medical colleges in the state, having a capacity of about 1,500 seats. These also included the aryurvedic and homeopathic institutions.

Significantly, Manvi Dua, who had topped the examination as per the earlier result, was now placed in the 20th position. Similarly, those who had figured among the top 20 in the previous result were now actually far down in the list.

The wide variation in the two results was visible all over the state. Anamika, a Kanpur-based candidate, who had secured 1,044th rank earlier but now stood at the 22nd position, was simply thrilled with joy.

"I had really worked very hard and it was such a disappointment when I saw my name way down in the list. I could not have imagined entry into any of the MBBS colleges. But now I am eligible to get into the best medical college of the state," Anamika told IANS over telephone.

Another candidate Richa Rai, belonging to Indira Nagar locality in Lucknow, got 24th rank in the revised list after "failing" as per the earlier result.

"I just could not get over the fact that I had not qualified. Had it not been for the revision of the result I would have been simply cursing my fate," Richa told IANS.

Officials were tight-lipped about the fate of the candidate who had ended his life by jumping before a moving train due to his "failure" as per the previous list. However, sources confirmed that he remained equally unlucky this time too.