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Lebanon urges Israel to stop voilating its sovereignty, solidy ceasefire


United Nations : Lebanon has said that almost one year after Israel’s “unjustified” assault on its south last July, it is time for Israel to stop violating its sovereignty in order to solidify the shaky ceasefire that has prevailed during all this period.

“Almost a year after Israel’s unjustified assault on Lebanon … it is essential to move from the precarious situation of cessation of hostilities to a permanent ceasefire.”

“Putting an end to the continuing violations by Israel of Lebanese sovereignty is primordial for the full implementation” of council resolution 1701, a Lebanese government position on the implementation of resolution 1701 circulated here Tuesday said.

It urged Israel to submit all maps of the cluster bombs dropped on Lebanon during its July war with Hezbollah and pay compensation for the victims. “The cluster bombs remain a continuing threat to the civilian population in the south and represent a humanitarian crime for which Israel will have to bear responsibility, submit all maps and pay compensation,” it said.

The paper, circulated as a UN official document at a time of turmoil in Lebanon, said that during the last three months alone, the Lebanese armed forces recorded 155 air, 34 maritime and 48 land violations by Israel.

“We reiterate that persistent violations of our territorial sovereignty cannot be justified under any pretext, including the enforcement of the arms embargo as per Security Council resolution 1701. The said resolution did not commission Israel with this task,” the Lebanese position paper said.

Moreover, it noted, with the UN Force in South Lebanon (UNIFIL) patrols on land and sea, these violations are “totally unacceptable and constitute an affront to the international community”.

The Lebanese government accused Israel in its position paper of trying to introduce amendments to the technical document prepared by UNIFIL and the Lebanese armed forces regarding the Blue Line, “with the aim of creating confusion and new facts on the ground”.

It called on Israel to withdraw from the Lebanese part of the Ghajar village, Sheba’a farms and Kfar Shouba hills “with no prior conditions”.

On the control of the northern and eastern borders, the paper said it is a “responsibility shared by both Syria and Lebanon,” but requested possible technical assistance from the European Union (EU).