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Bayern fans attack Nuremberg supporters


Wuerzburg (Germany) : Police arrested 73 Bayern Munich fans after they attacked a group of Nuremberg supporters at a highway rest area.

Several buses loaded with Bayern fans were on their way to Moenchegladbach, for their side's Bundesliga game Saturday as they pulled into a rest area, where several Nuremberg fans were also resting.

As soon as the Bayern supporters saw the Nuremberg fans they rushed out of their buses and attacked them, lightly injuring three people. The wife of one of the bus drivers was seriously injured and had to be taken to hospital.

A spokesman for the prosecutor's office Sunday said the 45-year-old was facing a lengthy hospital stay with a head injury.

Although the Bayern fans immediately retreated to their buses after the attack, police arrested 73 of them. All but 10 were released Saturday night and returned to Munich. The others remain in police custody facing charges for assault and destroying property.